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SWOT Analysis for Twitter

Swot Analysis



  • Gives people freedom  speech
  • Allows people who wouldn’t normally have an input on important matters, to give their opinion on current affairs
  • Even though the word count is low, people can still get their points across
  • If you go over the word count; you can link from within another page to allow followers to read the longer post
  • No advertising


  • Word count is limited
  • There is very limited filtering and moderation
  • It is open to anyone – could cause controversy if younger children were to go on it, especially concerning their safety – paedophiles


  • Could develop the ‘following’ scheme – possibly group different people you follow, in order to see the tweets that you class as more important; from different people
  • Has the ability to be the most popular and used social network in the world
  • Doesn’t advertise, but has ‘promoted tweets’ and ‘promoted themes’ which are paid for my different companies, and therefore they have the ability to develop into an extremely efficient way of advertising businesses; new products and themes


  • There is no filtering, so users have the ability to post discriminatory things on the site, as well as posts that may cause a reduction in the safety of the other users

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