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Exam Question Practice

January 2011

06 New and digital media offers media institutions different ways of reaching audiences. Consider how ans why media institutions are using these techniques.


YouTube; ‘Vlogging’ -> User controlled

Twitter; constant/instant posts/updates -> Businesses using for updating clients/promoting to potential clients -> millions can gain access to it.

Facebook; millions of users access it ->finding progress -> ‘liking’ pages -> keeping up to date with people/groups/organisations

Tumblr; personal -> images -> anon

Newspapers; DMonline -> constant updating and new article posted -> more efficient than traditional paper articles -> more than once daily


BlackBerry Sever Crash; kept their users updated on progress (or lack off) via Twitter and Youtube    -> daily updates and reasurance (attempted) of network issues -> informing on what had gone wrong and what they were trying to do to fix it.


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  1. You have detailed examples – just ensure you are answering the question.
    This questions is asking two things: how (methods) are media institutions changing the way they communicate with audiences and why (what are the reasons)
    You need to be applying the ideas of the convergence culture, the rise of NDM and impact of this on society.


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