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In my case study I will be researching into the claim that  ‘Twitter rivals traditional news methods’.

Twitter is a product of New Media from web 2.0 and it allows normal, everyday people to instantainiously  post their own personal views  and provide them with freedom of speech, ultimately giving people a voice in society.

 It challenges traditional methods of delevering news and braodcasting people’s view on the subject as it allows people to react immediately where as the original way to learn of news and events happening around the world would be too wait for the 6 o’clock or 10 o’clock news; or to read the paper in the morning, whilst New Media products such as Twitter allow instant access to the news and gives people the opportunity to react to it.

Below are a few links that may help me with my research into the developments of New Media; specifically Twitter with Social Networking.




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  1. This will be a fabulous study. Ensure you have specific examples and use media terminology.
    Miss Salad


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